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The Crew

“Don’t Under Estimate The Youth After All were the  ones Who Shape The Future” -Nathan Riley



Chance is the Team Leader who is a dedicated and energetic person and is determined to continue doing what he loves, to think outside the box. No task, or trick is “impossible” or “to hard” for Chance. If you tell him that he can’t do something he’s going to do it 100 times to prove that he can. He’s a go getter if he sees something he wants he gets it. With Chance the sky is the limit. Chance has amazing leadership skills and is able to warp a team of strangers into becoming best friends.


Jaden Freitas


Jaden is an amazing athlete as well as an amazing friend, Chance and Jaden work together challenging each other to get better. He is an amazing snowboarder who podiums on almost all of his competitions.

There Is no other way to describe Jaden except as a determined hardworking individual who puts himself out there to get where he needs to be. Juggling school and sports can sometimes be difficult but despite the challenges he faces he always manages to get in time for athletics and friends.



Sebastian otherwise known as Bass or SeaBass is one of the most advanced athletes we have. he podiums in almost all of his comps not only is he one of the best but he is also different because he skis and there is always the old rivalry between snowboarders and skiers but they always manage to get along

 Sam Riley


Sam Riley is a dedicated athlete who is determined to do his best in every aspect of life he is gifted with the ability to learn most sports almost instantly. he is gifted skateboarder as well as a good snowboarder, he’s on podium in almost all of the events he takes part in he is a real key part to The Crew.

The People Behind The Scenes.

Nathan Riley

Sponsorship Coordinator/ Head Developer

Nathan is the guy who gets all of the technical things done he coordinates with the artists who do the drawings for the shirts and he is the one who puts all the Instagram and other social media together. if your talking to someone about the crew on one of their social media accounts then its most likely Nathan. he is also currently working with some other groups around dance and other sports.